Compact Liquid Leak Sensor
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Space-Saving Liquid spill Sensor and Spill Detector
Photoelectric Sensor for Wet Process
Wet Process Parts & Applications (Fiberoptic leak detection, Pipe mounted/ Fiber cable leak sensor, Teflon probes for tank level leak detection, HPQ Pipe Mounted, self-contained liquid sensor)
Application Examples & much more...
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 Compact Liquid Leak Sensors
 Check to see which best fit your needs. If you have any questions, please call for assistance at 1-800-790-7837 or e-mail
Photoelectric Sensors for Wet Process

1) Self-Contained, Optical Leak Detector
2) Foberoptic Leak Detection (Inherently Safe)
3) HPQ-T Pipe Mounted, Self-Contained Liquid Leak Sensor
4) Pipe mounted, Fiber Cable Type (Inherently Safe)
5) OMRON Liquid Leak Sensor

NetMotion carries many different types of wet process sensing products that are tailored to specific application needs. The illustration shows the type of sensor that is typically used at each point in the chemical management process. 

There are many unique features and capabilities of each type of sensor and this brochure will outline for you this information so that you can determine if your specific application is similar and will require the identified proposed solution. 

Based on conversations with many OEM's, we have organized a chart showing the general guidelines for leak detection and part compatibility with both acidic and organic solvent liquids. 
No Metal or SUS Parts 
No Explosive Fumes Present 
PVC/CPVC Pan Material 
Self-Contained Leak Detector 
HPQ-D11/D12 Series
With CPCV Bracket 
No Floating Head Detection Function 
Organic Solvents 
No Plastic Parts
Need Inherently Safe Design
SUS Pan Material
Fiberoptic Leak Detector
With PFA and SUS grommet Bracket
Floating Head Detection Function

In general, wafer cleaning trending towards more organic solvents. 

Of course, all of the above depends on the solution concentrations and should only be used as a general guideline.
The HPQ-D leak detection sensor family is the first of its kind to be constructed entirely of sealed, Teflon(r) PFA material and be configured in a self-contained package smaller than a quarter. It does not require a fiberoptic amplifier to be used since there is a useable NPN or PNP transistor output with each sensor. Typically, only 1ml of liquid in contact with the optical focal point will change the sensor's output. This enables early detection of caustic chemical spills and can be used to shut down the tool immediately, which minimizes the environmental impact.

A large gain signal difference between no liquid and liquid detection ensures low probability of false detection. The fail safe design provides a normally closed output that turns off when liquid is detected.

Easily viewable green LED signifies normal operation and an orange LED turns on when liquid is detected and output is shut off. The bracket assembly is made of CPVC material and has an over/under patented style that assures solid retention once locked down and the ability to remove the sensor for maintenance or output checking.

The underside of bracket is flat and has perforated mounting holes so you can mount with hardware or adhesive.

Part Numbers
HPQ-D11-L05  NPN Output, 5 meter electrical cable
(USA Standard)
HPQ-D12-L05  PNP Output, 5 meter electrical cable 
(USA Standard)
HPQ-D11  NPN Output, 2 meter electrical cable 
(JAPAN Standard)
HPQ-D12  PNP Output, 2 meter electrical cable 
(JAPAN Standard)
Floating Head Detection

Features and Benefits
  • Sealed, Chemically Resistant Materials - 13mm circular sensor pancake lays on bottom of semiconductor wet process tool and detects liquid leak or spill by refraction light principle (see illustration on this page).
  • Body is Teflon(r) PFA material with IP67 sealing and the mounting bracket assembly is CPVC.
  • 2 meters of PFA covers the sensing end of the electrical cable.
  • Quick Detection Minimizes Environmental Impact and Messy Cleanup - Typically, 1ml of liquid contact with the optical focal point will trigger the signal change.
  • Fail Safe Design - Output current is conducted in normal dry conditions and will turn off in the presence of liquid.
  • The sensor can be used with any pan material color.
  • UL508 and CE approval by end of 2002.
  • UL991 evaluation report based on applicable SEMI S2 Standards will also be available.
  • PNP and NPN output versions are available.
  • Condition Indication Using Easy-to-View LED's - Green LED indicates normal dry condition and proper operation, orange LED indicates when liquid is detected or operation is stopped.
  • Low Initial and Operational Cost - The HPQ-D series is priced very aggressively and will require little maintenance unlike other prevailing technologies.
Click here to download the Self Contained, Optical Leak Detector dimensions document. (PDF 701KB)

Wet Process Parts & Applications

HPQ-D11            HPQ-D12   

Supply Voltage 12-24 VDC +/- 10% (Ripple 10% max.)
Current Consumption 30 milliamp max.
Usable Pen CPVC, Stainless Steel, etc.
Output Mode NPN Transistor         PNP Transistor
Output Load Current 50 mA max(resistive load)
Saturation Voltage 1V max.
Short Circuit, False Pulse,
Reverse Polarity Protection.
Light Source Red LED (645 nm)
Indicator Green ON: Normal Condition
Orange ON: Liquid Detection
Operating temperature -25 to 50 Degree C
Storage temperature -40 to 70 Degree C
Sealing IP67 (IEC Standard)
The HPF-D040 fiberoptic leak detector is inherently safe in that there is no circuitry at the sensing point, only light from the associated amplifier. The amplifier would be mounted out of the immediate sensing area. The small and narrow sensing head and bracket are composed of chemically resistant Teflon(r) PFA material. 

A detachable mounting bracket block with an integral 316SS mounting grommet insures adequate retention while offering easy maintenance capability. The 5 meters of cable length has a 60 micron covering of PFA material that provides chemical protection along with field cut-to-desired-length ability. 

Quick detection of spills is adjustable via the amplifier used. 1ml of liquid typically is required to change the amplifier's state. The fail safe design is achieved by conducting light back to the amplifier when liquid is not present. Liquid presence or a cable break will stop the light from being returned. Unlike the self-contained version and competitive offerings, the customer's pan is used to stabilize and adjust the light return when setting the amplifier. If the sensor becomes unattached and no longer sees the pan reflection, the output will turn off. We call this "floating head detection" capability.

 Features and Benefits
  • Sealed, Chemically Resistant Materials - 13mm circular sensor pancake lays on bottom of semiconductor wet process tool and detects liquid leak or spill by refraction light principle (see illustration on this page).
  • Inherently Safe - Optical light is used from a remotely mounted fiberoptic amplifier.
  • Sealed, chemically resistant materials - PFA housing and bracket with 316SS mounting grommet.
  • Quick Detection minimizing environmental impact and messy cleanup - typically, 1ml of liquid contact with the optical focal point will trigger the signal change. Sensitivity is adjustable to some extent by the amplifier used.
  • Fail Safe Design - Sensing light is conducted from amplifier emitter, reflected off pan, then returned to amplifier receiver. When liquid is present or cable breaks, amplifier changes state.
  • Floating Head Detection Capability - If the sensing head becomes unattached from the pan, the amplifier will change state. There is no reflective surface included in the head design.
Wet Process Parts & Applications
Click here to download the Fiberoptic Leak Detection (Inherently Safe) dimensions document. (PDF 432KB)
 Usage Notes
  • Handle with care because the surfaces can be damaged easily.
  • Material - Sensor Housing: PFA, Mounting Base: PFA, Grommet: SUS316L, Fiber Cable: See "Viewed from A".
  • Fiber cables can be cut with an included tool FE-PA-F1.
  • Depending on color and viscosity of the liquid, no detection can be made.
  • Do not make over-stress on the housing by pulling the cables.
  • Mounting base can be detached from the sensor body.
Scanning Type: Diffuse Scan
Target: Liquid
Note: Depending on color and viscosity of the liquid, no detection can be made
Tensile Strength: 10N max.
Bending Radius: R20mm min.
Operating Temperature: -30+70 C
Amplifier Unit: HPX-A, HPX-H, HPX-ET, HPX-NT
(Letters and numbers depend on specifications)
The HPQ-T sensor is designed specifically for liquid level 
detection by non-contact methods in clear or very translucent pipes. The sensor is mounted on a pipe that is between 
3 to 7mm or 8 to 13mm in diameter and features an infrared light beam that becomes refracted and undetectable by the receiver when the liquid is present. The device runs on 10-28 VDC, has a response time of 2 msec max, has Light Operate/ Dark Operate Selectable output functioning, and has a 100 mA NPN or PNP output. There is minimal malfunction when air bubbles or water droplets are present. The indicator light is easy to view even when the sensors are gang mounted as all the controls and adjustments are located on the back side.

 Catalog Listings
HPQ-T1 NPN Output, 8-13mm O.D. pipe use, standard gain setting for most applications.
HPQ-T2 PNP Output, 8-13mm O.D. pipe use, standard gain setting for most applications.
HPQ-T1-004 NPN Output, 3-7mmO.D. pipe use, standard gain setting.
HPQ-T2-005 PNP Output, 3-7mmO.D. pipe use, standard gain setting.
HPQ-T1-008 NPN Output, 8-13mm O.D. pipe use, 25% gain reduction from standard.
HPQ-T2-009 PNP Output, 8-13mm O.D. pipe use, 25% gain reduction from standard.

 Features and Benefits
  • Small compact size and non-invasive sensing make
    installation and height adjustment easy
  • Many products to select from - provides flexibility to user
    based on concerns
  • Thru scan principle where liquid refracts light beam - 
    insures reliable detection
  • Infrared beam can help penetrate slurries and other solids
    with similar detection effect as water/liquid. This can be
    used in mixing sections of the process. 
  • Light operate / dark operate selector switch provides output 
  • Indicator lamp is easy to view even when sensors are
    gang mounted
 Usage Recommendation 
The standard gain setting versions work with most liquids. The 25% gain reduction should be used when large quantities of
bubbles are present or where mixing in chambers requires the sensor to be able to detect water/fluid, solids, and mixture of
solids/fluids equally. We recommend that the prospective user evaluate their chemical combinations and mixing situations to
determine which sensor works best before finalizing the specification for use.
Wet Process Parts & Applications

Click here to download the HPQ Pipe Mounted, Self Contained Liquid Sensor dimensions document. (PDF 828KB)

NPN Models        PNP Models   
Scanning Type Through Scan
Supply Voltage 10 to 28 V DC (ripple 10% max.)
Current consumption 25 mA max.
Usable Pipe see catalog listing chart
Standard detecting object Water             Note 1
Repetitive detecting agency 1 mm max.
Operating Mode Light-operated/dark-operated selectable 
(with L-On/D-On selector)
Detecting object: dark, Non-detecting object: light
Output Open collector of NPN transistor Open collector of PNP transistor
Response time 2ms max.
Light Source Infrared LED
Indicator Red "on" with detection
Ambient Light Incandescent 1000 lx max.
Operating temperature -10 ~ +55C
Storage temperature -25 ~ +70C
Humidity 35~85% RH (without condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 M min. (at 500 V DC)
Dielectric strength 1000 V A 50/60 Hz 1 minute
Vibration 10~55 Hz, 15 mm double amplitude, 2 hours in each direction of X,Y,Z
Shock 500 m/s2 (approx. 50g)
3 times in each direction of X,Y,Z
Sealing IP50 (IEC standard)
Mass Approx. 25g
Protection False pulse protection (20ms type), reverse polarity protection
Approvals-CE to be completed by end 2002

 Note 1: The detection depends on the index of refraction and the transparence rate of the pipe and the object and the thickness of the pipe.

The HPF-T032 fiber cable liquid sensor features a Fail Safe design using an array style light beam. Unlike all know competitive offerings, the HPF-T032 emitter/receiver arrangement requires a beam refraction of 1.33 to 1.7 in order for the light to be transmitted. This provides the utmost prevention of false detection due to deposits on the inside of the chemical piping. The array arrangement of the fibers provides a much higher contrast signal level and the ability to not be affected by bubbles of even 3mm size. The housing is made from GE Ultem(r) plastic that is highly resistant to most organic solvents and is capable of high temperature exposure. The HPF-T032 sensor can be used with pipe sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" (3-13mm) and the fiber cutter and mounting hardware is shipped with each sensor. A 60 micron covering of Teflon(r) PFA material protects the 5 meter fiber length from chemical attack.
 Catalog Listing

5 meter Fiberoptic Cable Liquid Sensor


 Features and Benefits
  • Fail Safe Design (Semi S2 Compliant)
  • Chemically Resistant Materials
  • Pipe Size 1/8" to 1/2" (3-13mm)
  • Uses Multiple Beam Array - High Contrast Level
  • Inherently Safe - Optical Light 
    Wet Process Parts & Applications


 Usage Recommendation
The HPF-T032 fiber sensor has an outside fiber dimension of 2.3mm. We recommend that the HPX-NT or the HPX-ET series be used in conjunction with this fiber to insure insertion ability without scraping Teflon film upon insertion. The NT and ET sensor series are visible red in nature so penetration through slurries and ability to sense slurries same as clear liquid may be limited. The HPF-T032 is not sealed from liquid penetration so care should be taken to protect polycarbonate prisms in sensing head from chemical attack. Please request assistance from Yamatake for programming options that will work in 
your specific application.




Click here to download the Pipe Mounted, Fiber Cable Type Liquid Sensor (Inherently Safe) dimensions document. (PDF 602KB)
Scanning Type: Through Scan
Amplifier Unit: HPX-NT*, HPX-T, HPX-ETS, HPX-H
*Setting Mode: Ultra Long Distance/Standard
Usable Pipe: PFA Pipe
(Diameter 3-13mm, Thickness 1mm)
Standard Detecting Liquid: Water
Note: Sensing stability depends on the liquid characteristics (color refractive index, viscous), so that it is necessary to confirm the operation before using.
Operation Mode: Detect Liquid: Light
Non-Detect Liquid: Dark
Tensile Strength: 20N max. (Fiber Cable)
Bending Radius: R4 (Fiber Cable)
Operating Temperature: -30 to 70C
 Usage Notes
  • Handle with care because the surfaces can be damaged easily.
  • Fiber cables can be cut with included tool FE-PA-F1.
  • Cutter (1), Cord Ties (2) and Anti-Slip Tubes (2) are included.
  • Liquid droplets or bubbles may cause incorrect operation.
  • Sensing stability depends on the liquid characteristics (color refractive index, viscosity), so that it is necessary to confirm the operation before using.
  • Material - Case: PEI (Black), Inner Prism: PC (Clear), Cord Tie: PA66 (Black), Anti-Slip Tube: Silicon Resin (Black). 
  • This fiber unit is not of water-proof structure.
Overview     Technical Specifications       Characteristics       Ordering Info      Characteristics       Chemical Resistivity
KL7-AT50 Liquid Leak Sensor Overview
Leak Sensor Amplifier
Click on image for bigger view
Sensing Band
Click on image for bigger view
Detects leakage of liquid such as isopropyl alcohol by monitoring the impedance between sensing bands.
Detects liquids with impedance as high as 50M.
Four selectable sensing ranges ensure detection sensitivity suited to the characteristics of the liquid.
Incorporates a noise reduction circuit connected to a 3-conductor cable, ensuring a high level of noise immunity and reliable operation. (patent pending)
Sends AC signals to the sensing band, preventing electric corrosion.
The power supply block and sensing band are isolated, allowing the installation of more than one device in the same place.
Thin-profile, space-saving model is 13x29x46mm (WxHxD)
CE and UL/CSA approval
Download the OMRON Leak Sensor Brochure in Acrobat PDF(216KB) (You must have Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files below)
Technical Specifications
Rated Power Supply Voltage 12 to 24VDC (Allowable voltage fluctuation range: 1- to 3.0 VDC)
Operate Impedance 0 to 50, variable
Range 0: 0 to 250 k
Range 1: 0 to 600 k
Range 2: 0 to 5 M
Range 3: 0 to 50 M
Note: Set pins 1, 2, 3 of the DIP switch on the side of the Sensor Amplifier tp the upwards position according to the range to be selected. These pins, which are arranged in numerical order from left to right, correspond to ranges 1 through 3. Be sure to set only the corresponding pin to the upward position, Fpr range 0, set all these switches downwards. The Adjuster (ADJUST) on the front panel allows impedance changes from 0 to to the upper limit of the set range. The adjuster is set to the upper limit as default. (Normally, the adjuster should be set to the upper limit.)
Release Impedance 105% min of of operate resistance
Output Configuration NPN open collector transistor output with 100mA at 30 VDC max.
Note: For output OFF when liquid leakage is detected:
Set pin 4 of the DIP switch located on the side of the Sensor Amplifier in the down position.
For output ON when liquid liquid leakage is detected
Set pin 4 of the DIP switch located on the side of the Sensor Amplifier in the position
Wiring Distance Wiring cable: 50m max.
Sensing Band length: 10m max.
Note: These values are possible on condition that a completely insulated 3-conductor VCT cable with a thickness of 0.75mm² and a dielectric strength of 600V is used together with a Liquid Sensing Band specifically by OMRON. (A 0.2mm² cable can also be used.)
Accessories Terminal block (for connecting wiring cable and Sensing Band)
Screwdriver for ADJUST setting
(Purchase the Sensing Band, Sensing Band Stickers, wiring cable, and Socket separately.)
Ambient Temperature Operating:  -10ºC to 55ºC (with no icing or condensation)
Storage:     -25ºC to 65ºC
Ambient Humidity Operating:  -10ºC to 55ºC(with no icing or condensation)
Storage:     -25ºC to 65ºC
Insulation Resistance 10 M at 100VDC between case and current-carrying parts
Dielectric Strength 1,000 VAC at 50/60 Hz for 1 min between case and current-carrying parts
Power Consumption 1 VA max.
Response Time Operate:    800 ms max.
Release:     800 ms max.
Weight - Package Approx. 14g.
Ordering Information
Description Part No. Material
Liquid Leak Sensor F0316PE10
Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier K7LAT50 ---
Sensing Band, 1-Meter F0316PE1 Sheath: Polyethylene / Core: Stainless steel SUS316
Sensing Band, 2-Meter F0316PE2
Sensing Band, 5-Meter F0316PE5
Sensing Band, 25-Meter F0316PE25
Sensing Band Sticker with Adhesive F0326PE Polyethylene
Sensing Band Sticker without Adhesive F0326PEN Polyethylene
Terminal Block F0320 ---
Track-mounted (DIN Rail) Socket P2RF08-E ---
Chemical Resistivity for the Sensing Band (Reference Values)
Material F03-16PE
Sheath core
Polyethylene SUS316
Water A (see below) A (see below)
Acetone C A
ammonia A A
Ethanol B A
Hudrochloric Acid A C
hydrogen Peroxide Solution A A
Xylene B A
Cyclohexane C --
Trichloroethylene C A
Toluene C B
Phenol B A
Butanol B --
Fluorine A C
Hexane C --
Benzene C A
Methanol B A
Sulfuric Acid C B
Phosphoric Acid A B
Note: 1. A: Not affected at all or only very slightly affected
B: Slightly affected but, depending on the conditions, sufficient for use.
C: Affected but may still be used. (Replace the sensing band immediately after detection.)
2. In order to prevent the secondary fire damage. consider the effect of the atmosphere of the environment and the solution to be detected on the sensing band.
3. If the sensing band changes shape or color when a liquid is detected, replace the sensing band.
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Wet Process Parts & Applications
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