Non-Metallic Tweezers for Wafers and Square Substrates and Masks
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Manual Wands for Wafers (High Temperature Application)
Manual Wands for Wafers (No metal Contamination)
Manual Wands for Masks & Square Substrates
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 PEEK™ Tweezers for Handling Delicate Square Substartes
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  • Unique patent pending design ensures handling of delicate semiconductor wafer and mask securely without excessive force.
  • The surface of a wafer/mask is make of non-metallic material and won't scratch like the conventional metal tweezers.
  • Area that contacts wafer and mask surfaces is optically polished to reduce surface particle counts.
Part Numbers: M100-4X4L/ M100-6X6L


  • Handles 4 x 4 and 6 x 6in square Alumna substrate and lithography mask substrates
  • Lockable mechanism adds security
  • Optically polished to reduce surface paticles
  • Withstand up to 130C
  • Low particle emission and chemical compatibility

New manual wafer wand for 4 x 4-inch and 6 x 6-inch square substrates.The lockable tweezers are used in handling alumna substrate and lithography mask handling applications.

The patent-pending design handles a fragile substrate softly but firmly without excessive compression force. A latching mechanism that locks the tweezers in the holding position adds security in handling the delicate substrate. The surfaces of the substrate are much less likely to be scratched in contrast to conventional metal tweezers. Also, the area that contacts wafer surfaces is optically polished to reduce surface particles.

These wands are available in virgin PEEK for low particle emission and chemical compatibility, conductive PEEK for ESD protection, and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). The manual wands, or tweezers, are constructed without glue or metallic parts and they can withstand up to 130C temperature continuously.

Catalog Request: Manual wands (tweezers) for semiconductor wafer handling (PDF- 300KB)
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