Non-Metallic Tweezers for Wafers and Square Substrates and Masks
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Manual Wands for Wafers (High Temperature Application)
Manual Wands for Wafers (No metal Contamination)
Manual Wands for Masks & Square Substrates
Manual Wand Brochure
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 Manual Tweezers/ Wands
 Check to see which best fit your needs. If you have any questions, please call for assistance at 1-800-790-7837 or e-mail
At NetMotion, we offer a wide range of products includes vacuum wands, manual wands (wafer tweezers), vacuum pumps, wafer aligners, etc. ESD safe products and tweezers for 300mm wafer handling are also available.
  • Unique patent pending design ensures handling of delicate semiconductor wafer and mask securely without excessive force.
  • The surface of a wafer/mask is make of non-metallic material and won't scratch like the conventional metal tweezers.
  • Area that contacts wafer and mask surfaces is optically polished to reduce surface particle counts.
For specific wafer sizes or masks, please select from below:
H- Series for Wafer Handling For High Temperature Applications
L- Series for Wafer Handling No Metal Contamination
Mask & Square Substrate Handling For Mask and Square Substrates
Catalog Request: Manual wands (tweezers) for semiconductor wafer handling (PDF- 300KB)
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