Vacuum Wands Kits for Small Parts Handling
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Vacuum Wands for Wafers (For ESD Protection)
Vacuum Wands for Wafers (Chemical Resistant Body)
Vacuum Wands for Die & Small/Precision Parts Handling
Vacuum Wands Kits (By Application)
Vauum Pumps and Accessories
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 Vacuum Wand Complete Kits - ACCORDING TO APPLICATION
 Check to see which best fit your needs. If you have any questions, please call for assistance at 1-800-790-7837 or e-mail

A suggested kit of parts for your application is shown above. Options are listed further down the page for submission for Request for Quotation.
Brochure Download: Vacuum wands with cup, nozzle or slit-tip. Suitable for handling semiconductor die and small-diameter wafers, electronic components, fibre-optics, watch and camera parts, jewelery, lenses and more (PDF- 700KB)
Complete Kits by Application (Great Value at Unbeatable Prices !!)
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