NetMotion, Inc.
Authorized Distributor of RealRead
RealRead combines the immediacy of print with interactivity of the web, creating online documents that are fast and easy to distribute, access, and navigate. No downloads required!
- Saves Time and Money on Printing Cost!!
- Provide your clients the option of not having to download PDF files!
- Allow instant viewing on your browser! - No downloads or plugins needed!

Fast and economical way to transform the PDFs files on your web site to RealRead files that your customer can truly appreciate!
RealRead QuickConvert Package    **Other packages available - Please contact us.
For users who have PDF files (or Industrial Manuals) on their web site.
Step by step process of how it works!
1) Account Set-up ($250 one time charge)
2) Let us know which and how many PDF files you would like for us to create on your site and we will provide you with a quotation. ($100 per PDF conversion and 3 months maintenance/hosting fee required **see monthly maintenance fee chart below )
3) After you sign off on the quotation, NetMotion will work to convert your on-line PDF files. (No action on your side is needed).
4) After the file is complete, we will send you the URLs and the RealRead icon for you to integrate onto your web site. (please see example below)
Example: You may place both your PDF file and RealRead file side by side for your customer to choose.
Customers may download the PDF file but RealRead will open much faster and easier to read on the browser!
View Manual in RealRead
Immediate Vieweing!
View Manual in PDF
**Requires Adobe Acrobat
Monthly Maintenance/ Hosting price is determined by traffic requirement and number of pags from all titles.
Level Max. # of Pageviews per day*1 Conversion Fee
(Per Title)*3
Monthly Fee Performance Guarantee
Platinum 100,001 ~ $100 $800 24 x 7 operation *2
Gold 10,001 ~ 100,000 $100 $400 24 x 7 operation *2
Silver 5,001 ~ 10,000 $100  $300 24 x 7 operation *2 
Bronze ~ 5,000 $100  $150 Best Effort 24 x 7

*1: Visitors will be denied access when the maximum page view per day is reached. An e-mail will be sent to you when this event occurs.
*2: The prorated monthly fee is refunded for any interruption caused solely by RealRead servers.
*3: $100 charged for every PDFconversion, file change, or new conversion.
Fees and Restrictions for QuickConvert Package
  Initial Setup Fee: $250.00
  Term: 3 Months Minimum
  A Folder is setup at signing. 500 titles/folder max.
  Monthly fee includes the disk storage charge up to 100Mbytes, additional $20.00/ 100Mbytes will be charged for space exceeding 100MBytes limit.
  Top priority service is applied for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Levels
  Special QuickConvert Package includes: Standard navigational bar, page turning, print feature, page enlargement and no other various functions of the full service. Optional features requires additional fee.
NetMotion can provide a free demonstration of your document in RealRead format!
Contact us now for more info!
Typical Applications:
Catalogs, brochures, newsletters, magazines, manuals, books, sales presentations, annual reports, internal documents, memebership letters, and other publications.
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