High Grade High Purity PEEK™ Tubing
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PEEK™ polymer, a polyetheretherketone resin, is the material of choice for various applications due to an outstanding combination of physical properties.
Features of PEEK™ Tubing
  • Custom Design
  • Excellent Heat, Water, & Chemical Resistance
  • Wear & Fatigue Resistant
  • Quality Assured

Additional Info on the PEEK™ Polymer

PEEK™ polymer is increasingly used for the transport and storage of semiconductors during production. Historically, the material of choice has been carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene. However, with increasing specification of semiconductor wafers, it has become clear that polypropylene carriers have met their limitation. Production is adversely affected by wear particles, outgassing, doping of semiconductors by the ionic extractables and poor mechanical properties of the carrier material.

Wear particles are produced by contact between the carrier material and other surfaces. Independent tests by industry experts have shown that PEEK™ polymer sheds extremely low levels of wear particles (ASTM-D1044) compared to other thermoplastics.

Outgassing may be defined as the emission of volatile compounds, which may subsequently condense on wafers causing contamination. The testing standard ASTM-F1227-89 measures the Collective Volatile Condensed Material (CVCM) mass at 68°F (20°C). Although PEEK™ polymer and polypropylene carriers both meet SEMI specifications in this test, PEEK™ polymer has a lower CVCM value. In addition, PEEK™ polymer wafer carriers have a tighter tolerance and retain their dimensional stability over a much longer service lifetime, and broader temperature range (UL continuous service operating temperature ~ 500°F (260°C)). The excellent mechanical properties of PEEK™ polymer over a wide temperature range increase the use of automated transfer production systems.

Semiconductor wafer carriers often experience aggressive chemical environments at elevated temperatures. Over a service lifetime, materials may be leached of ionic species which have been shown to diffuse into the semiconductors, acting as doping agents. PEEK™ polymer has extremely low levels of ionic extractables.

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