Sensors: PhotoMicrosensors, Proximity Sensors, and Miniature Enclosed Switch
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Photoelectric Sensors & Photomicrosensor
Proximity Sensors
Miniature Enclosed Switch & Limit Switch
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Ultra-Compact Sensors - Overview
Many models available. Click on the links for more in-depth look or call us for more information!
Photoelectric Sensors and Photomicrosensor
Our line of photomicrosensors offer the superior alternative to miniature electro-mechanical switches. Our range of photomicrosensors provide design solutions for commecial and light industrial equipment manufacturing, used in diverse fields from semiconductor, medical/pharmacentical, electronic packaging, material handling and countless specialized applications.
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EE-SX770(A) / 870(A): Transmissive, Miniature, Slim (Pre-wired, Polarized Light)/ Appearance: Standard, L-shaped, T-shaped
EE-SPX-W: Transmissive (Slim) Pre-wired (Modulated Light)
EE-SPX613: Built-in Amplifier, Pipe Mounting
Proximity Sensors
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E2C-T: Type: Inductive Max Response Frequency:1 kHz Max Sensing Distance: 20mm Enclosure Rating: IP67
E2E Cylindrical Proximity Sensor: Type:Inductive Max Response Frequency: 3 KHz Max. Sensing Distance: 20mm Enclosure Rating: IP67
E2E-L: Compact, Thin Model Ensure Ease of Use
Miniature Enclosed Switch & Limit Switch
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D4MC: Economical, General-Purose, Enclosed Switch
SHL: Subminiature Enclosed Switch
  • High precision and long life (10,000,000 mechanical operations).
  • Gasket diaphragm seal provides high environmental resistance. Suitable for applications demanding higher mechanical strength. Dustproof and drip-proof properties.
  • Pre-wired types with molded terminals are available on special request.
  • Operation-indicator models are available.
General Motion Control RFQ:
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