Bemcot Lint Free Wipers, Wipers, Cloth, Towel, Dust Cloth, Wipes, Fine Quality Wipers, Clean Wipes, Lens Cloth, Glass Wipers
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Regular Class (ISO Class 5-6/Fed Class 100-1,000) (M-3, M-1, S-2, Clean CT-8, EA-8) for resistor, LCD, PCB, print screens, automobiles, etc...
Fine Class (ISO Class 4-5/Fed Class 10-100) (Super CN, QT-8, NT, CT-8, EA-8, TR-7F, BM-Wiper, PS-2 )
    for silicon wafer conveyer belt, vacuum instruments, chemicals, polarizing boards
Labs & Assembly (Clean-Wipe P) for magnetic heads, production marks, etc...
Roll wipers (Roll Wiper) for soldering machines, screen for screen printing, acrylic rolls, scanner, etc...
Heavy Duty (Bemlinen TF-60) for clean room use (larger & stronger). good substitute of dust cloth and cotton
Dusper Pad for lint-free equipment cleaning
Microstar for precision machinery wiping
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  Roll Wipers MADE OF COTTON!
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Soldering machines, screen for screen printing, acrylic rolls of scanner printing, surfaces before printing, etc.
Roll Wipers
Various types of cloth can be supplied in rolls in the width and legth required by the customer. For further information, please contact our sales staff.
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