Bemcot Lint Free Wipers - Reason Why You Should Switch to Bemcot!
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Regular Class (ISO Class 5-6/Fed Class 100-1,000) (M-3, M-1, S-2, Clean CT-8, EA-8) for resistor, LCD, PCB, print screens, automobiles, etc...
Fine Class (ISO Class 4-5/Fed Class 10-100) (Super CN, QT-8, NT, CT-8, EA-8, TR-7F, BM-Wiper, PS-2 )
    for silicon wafer conveyer belt, vacuum instruments, chemicals, polarizing boards
Labs & Assembly (Clean-Wipe P) for magnetic heads, production marks, etc...
Roll wipers (Roll Wiper) for soldering machines, screen for screen printing, acrylic rolls, scanner, etc...
Heavy Duty (Bemlinen TF-60) for clean room use (larger & stronger). good substitute of dust cloth and cotton
Dusper Pad for lint-free equipment cleaning
Microstar for precision machinery wiping
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  Three Reasons Why Bemcot is Distinctive
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Bemcot wipers can be used in various industries such as semiconductor, optical, medical, cosmetics, food & beverage, printed circuit boards, building maintanence, automobile, air craft, LCD, magnetic tapes, oil, tools, equipment, glass, optics, etc...
For wiping up spills For cleaning screens For cleaning lab supplies For wiping down surfaces
Reasons Why You Want to Use Bemcot Wipers:
What is Bemcot Made From?
Three Reasons Why Bemcot is Distinctive
The Difference Between Bemcot & Other Products

Three Reasons Why Bemcot is Distinctive

Bemcot - Advantages
Bemcot has many advantages over other wipes. These advantages are attributable to the incomparable combination of the finest raw material and the most unique production method.

1. Because Bemcot is Made of Cotton
Superb liquid absorption and preservation

Each Bemcot fiber absorbs liquid and swells. Coupled with its special structure, its property allows Bemcot to absorb liquid 13 times its weight.


The fiber itself contains a moisture content of 11% in its standard condition (at 20°C, 65%RH) so that the possiblity of static electricity generation is very slight.

Easy to burn out

Made of 100% cellulose, Bemcot can be easily burnt after use, without producing toxic gases. In addition, it burns completely, facilitating the recovery of percious metals after wiping.

Excellence in heat resistance
Bemcot is carbonized at a temperature between 260 and 300°C. Unlike synthetic fibers, it does not dissolve at 150°C.
Ecologically safe
Bemcot is ecologically safe, being free from environmental contaminants
2. Because Bemcot has Long Fibers
Bemcot is lint-free and its fibers seldom come off, allowing any objects to be cleanly wiped.
3. Because Bemcot Contains no Binders
Safe to use with different solutions
Because of the all-cellulose, binderless composition, binder elution caused by solutions will never take place. The chances of fibers coming off due to inadequate binding strength is also very slight.
No Impurities
Only a negligible amount of material is deposited with extact liquids such as pure water or solvents are analyzed. Consequently, Bemcot is safe to use for wiping, especially wiping in a wet condition.
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