Bemcot Lint Free Wipers - What is Bemcot Wipers Made of?
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Regular Class (ISO Class 5-6/Fed Class 100-1,000) (M-3, M-1, S-2, Clean CT-8, EA-8) for resistor, LCD, PCB, print screens, automobiles, etc...
Fine Class (ISO Class 4-5/Fed Class 10-100) (Super CN, QT-8, NT, CT-8, EA-8, TR-7F, BM-Wiper, PS-2 )
    for silicon wafer conveyer belt, vacuum instruments, chemicals, polarizing boards
Labs & Assembly (Clean-Wipe P) for magnetic heads, production marks, etc...
Roll wipers (Roll Wiper) for soldering machines, screen for screen printing, acrylic rolls, scanner, etc...
Heavy Duty (Bemlinen TF-60) for clean room use (larger & stronger). good substitute of dust cloth and cotton
Dusper Pad for lint-free equipment cleaning
Microstar for precision machinery wiping
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  What is Bemcot Made From?
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Bemcot wipers can be used in various industries such as semiconductor, optical, medical, cosmetics, food & beverage, printed circuit boards, building maintanence, automobile, air craft, LCD, magnetic tapes, oil, tools, equipment, glass, optics, etc...
For wiping up spills For cleaning screens For cleaning lab supplies For wiping down surfaces
Reasons Why You Want to Use Bemcot Wipers:
What is Bemcot Made From?
Three Reasons Why Bemcot is Distinctive
The Difference Between Bemcot & Other Products

What is Bemcot Made From?

Bemcot - from Material to Product
Why has Bemcot , an industrial wipe manufacturer, earned high acclaim from a great number of users? Bemliese is the answer. Bemcot uses Bemliese, an original material made from the blessings of nature and manufactured by an exclusive production method.

1. The Material - 100% Cotton

As its basic material, Bemcot uses cotton. Cotton mainly consists of the seed, the lint, which is generally used for garments, and the linter, short fibers covering the cotton seed. Bemcot is made from the finest linter.

2. Proprietary Production Method.
Cotton linter produced around the world is collected for production of Bemcot. Bemcot is a binderless, long-fiber, cellulose* non-woven fabric. Its fibers join together by themselves so the Bemcot wipes contain absolutely no impurities. Click here for a detailed illustration of the production process.
* Cellulose: The chief constituent of the cell walls of plants such as cotton.


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