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Regular Class (ISO Class 5-6/Fed Class 100-1,000) (M-3, M-1, S-2, Clean CT-8, EA-8) for resistor, LCD, PCB, print screens, automobiles, etc...
Fine Class (ISO Class 4-5/Fed Class 10-100) (Super CN, QT-8, NT, CT-8, EA-8, TR-7F, BM-Wiper, PS-2 )
    for silicon wafer conveyer belt, vacuum instruments, chemicals, polarizing boards
Labs & Assembly (Clean-Wipe P) for magnetic heads, production marks, etc...
Roll wipers (Roll Wiper) for soldering machines, screen for screen printing, acrylic rolls, scanner, etc...
Heavy Duty (Bemlinen TF-60) for clean room use (larger & stronger). good substitute of dust cloth and cotton
Dusper Pad for lint-free equipment cleaning
Microstar for precision machinery wiping
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  Dusper Pads
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OA equipment, stereo/ audio / visual equipment, magnetic heads, camera lens, and other precision tools.
Dusper Pads
Individually wrapped pads that are easy to use.
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Packaging: K-3 half size 500 pcs/ bag
60 bags/ case
K-3 500 pcs/ bag
30 bags/ case
Price: K-3 half size
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