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Custom DC Motor Large-Quantity Order Form
Please fill out this form with your DC Motor requirements so we may better service you. Thank you.
Tell us about the intended Use of the Motors:
Annual Requirement:   pieces.
Series Start (Date):  
Electrical Start Date
Rated Voltage   UN
Electrical Start Date
Rated Torque   MN Nm
Rated Speed   nN min-1
Power Output   P2 W
Starting Torque   MA Nm
Installation Conditions

Installation Type Horizontal Vertical

Installation Conditions
Installation in Casing Open Closed Ventilated
Ambient Temperature: max. °C / min. °C
Enclosure class (DIN 40050) : IP
Operating Mode
S1 (Continuous)
S1 (Intermittent) Cycle: On ,Off
No of Cycles Unit of Time
Life , h
Rotation direction
(seen looking onto shaft end)
Shaft Load: Radial N , Axial N
Further Options
Interference Suppression  
Heat Protection  
Gear Type Spur Worm
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