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Cyclone Turbine Flowmeters
Made in Korea by Seba, Inc.

SEBA Cyclone Turbine Flowmeters are a new concept for measuring various liquids/ featuring excellent accuracy and reliability independent of fluid temperature and pressure fluctuations. Thus complying with abrupt flow changes. This is accomplished by the unique structure of the flowmeter consisting of a fixed turbine and a rotating turbine-totally different from the existing single turbine designs.

The marking of SEBA Cyclone Turbine Flowmeters (what do the model numbers stand for?)

Cyclone Turbine Flowmeter for Chemical

  • Suitable for various kinds of acids and alkalis
  • Excellent resistance to pressure fluctuation of fluids with abrasive materials
  • Superior accuracy against temperature variations

Cyclone Turbine Flowmeter for DI water

  • Uses no particle generating materials
  • Extremely high electric resistivity materials.
  • Superior resistance to chemicals

Cyclone Turbine Flowmeter for solvent, high temperature and pressure

  • High resistance to acids and akalis.
  • Hihr durability under high pressure and temperature.
  • Corrosion resistant and easy to assemble.

Cyclone Turbine Flowmeter for cooling water

  • High performance at low cost.
  • Applicable to extremely low temperature fluids.
  • Easy operation and light weight

Straight Type

  • TBA
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