Pressure Control Valve
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Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6800 SERIES Pressure Regulating Valve(Precision Regulator for Analytical Equipment) MODEL 6600 SERIES
Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6801 SERIES
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 Pressure Control Valve
Pressure Regulating Valve(Precision Regulator for Analytical Equipment)

This is a compact,lightweight precision pressure regulator with superior repeatability to provide reliable and speedy regulations. Since all the components are perfectly cleaned before assembly,this model is ideal for high-sensitivity instruments for analysis required for R&D activities.



  • High-precision control characteristic
    High control performance with repeatability within a range of±1% against fluctuations in pressure on the primary side and load resistance variations on the secondary side
  • Perfect for panel mounting
    Flow inlet and outlet are located on the back of the product to facilitate easy pipe connection. Additionally,it is compact in size and light in weight,ideal for panel instrumentation systems.
  • Bleed-free
    All units are subjected to a rigorous leak test before shipping though the product is bleed-free.
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Scientific instruments
  • Gax mixing systems in various fields
Standard Specifications
Max. primary pressure 784kPa
Secondary control pressure Type A:9.8-294kPa
Type B:29.4-588kPa
Min. operating differential pressure 49kPa
Proof pressure 784kPa
Repeatability Within ±1% of the rated pressure
Aging Within ±1.5% of the rated pressure
Temperature characteristic Within ±1%/10°C of the rated pressure
Heat resistance Aluminum body:60°C;Stainless steel body:120°C
Flow rating See the rated value diagrams.
Connection end Rc1/8,Rc 1/4
Materials of parts exposed to fluids A:Al,Brass,NBR,Duracon
SS:SUS316,Viton,fluorocarbon resin
Optional Items
  • Set pressure lock nut
  • Joints other than the standard ones
  • Press fitting of the OUT side filter
  • IN/OUT joints only are optionally available. Lock plug is used for the gauge port.
  • Press fitting of the OUT side filter is actually custom-made.Contact us for consultation.
  • Pressure gauge port and OUT port are identical. Either will do for pressure gauge port or OUT port.
Model/Type Set pressure Max. flow rate
6600A 9.8~294kPa 10L/MIN
6600B 29.4~588kPa 10L/MIN
6600AL 9.8~294kPa 20L/MIN
6600BL 29.4~588kPa 20L/MIN
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