Pressure Control Valve
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Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6800 SERIES Pressure Regulating Valve(Precision Regulator for Analytical Equipment) MODEL 6600 SERIES
Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6801 SERIES
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 Pressure Control Valve
Back Pressure Valve

A back pressure valve is a kind of relief valve to obtain a constant level of pressure in the first stage of valve operation. This type of valve makes it easier and speedier for the user to control pressure in the tank with a large buffer,purge a given quantity of mixed gas or to carry out such other operations which are rather hard to do with a second-stage control valve commonly in use. Much interest is being focused on this type of valve as a new concept of pressure control.


  • Handy panel mount type
  • Compact in size,light in weight
  • Quick regulation of primary pressure
  • Greaseless,clean valve perfect for control of pure gases
  • Tank pressure control
  • Control of constant flows of mixed gases
Standard Specifications
Type 6800A 6800B 6800AL 6800BL
Set pressure range 0~294kPa 0~588kPa 0~294kPa 0~588kPa
Max. exhaust flow rate 1L/MIN 0.8L/MIN 10L/MIN 10L/MIN
Proof pressure 784kPa 784kPa 784kPa 784kPa
Materials of parts exposed to fluids A:Al,brass,NBR
Connection end Rc1/8,Rc 1/4
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