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  Flow Meters, and Controllers, Flowmeters
Low-cost Digital Mass Flow Meter
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Model D3810 is a completely renovated digital mass flow meter designed on the basic structure of exisiting KOFLOC Model 3810. Incorporating a CPU inside and is equipped with an innovative sensor,a sigle unit of this new model covers a broad range of flows from very small to large.

  • An economical but high-precision sensor that uses the bypass capillary method
  • Digital control allows the user to handle a broad range of flows(100cc to 50L).
  • Compact design(overall size is one size smaller than Model 3810)
Standard Specifications
Flow range(at N2 calibration conditions) 50SLM
Accuracy ±3.0%(RD)
Repeatability ±0.5(KD)
Proof pressure 980kPa
Working temperature range 5 to 45°C(Accuracy guarantee:15 to 50°C)
Materials of parts in contact W/gases Body:SUS 303,PTFE
Joint Standard:1/4RC
Flow output signals 0~5VDC
Required power supply +15VDC(±5%)60mA,-15VDC(±5%)60mA
Weight 500g
*Values indicated in () are for Model 3105.
Cable Connections
Pin Assignment of Dsub 9-pin Connector per KFC Standard
No.1 Power source +15VDC
No.2 Power source COM
No.3 Power source -15VDC
No.4 Flow output 0~5VDC
No.5 Flow output COM
AMP171826-5 on the Connector 3810 side
AMP171822-5 on the cable side
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