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Standard Mass Flow ControllerMODEL 3660 SERIES
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Model 3660 Series Mass Flow Controller has been developed centering the focus on compactness and low cost and is being acclaimed by a wide range of users for diverse applications, including from laboratory research and development activities to the use as a standard mass flow control model for various types of analyzers and vacuum devices in the production line. Varieties of derived models and options are available.

  • Equipped with an advanced flow sensor of constant-current termperature difference detection type to ensure high-speed response
  • Use of a normally closed valve to ensure safety
  • High reliability ensured using a solenoid actuator
  • Low differential pressure type control available for combustible gases(LP option)
Standard Specifications(3660)
Flow range(at N2 calibration conditions) 10 sccm to 20 slm F.S.(30 to 150slm F.S.)
Valve types* Normally closed solenoid poppet valve
Control range 2%~100%F.S(5%~100%F.S.)
Response 2 sec or less to within ±2% of full scale of final value typical for 0-100% response
Accuracy Within ±1.5%F.S.(Within ±2.0%F.S.)
Repeatability* Within ±0.5%F.S.
Operating differential pressure F.S.≤5SLM 49kPa~294kPa
*Low differential pressure specification depends on types of gas and flow rates to be used.
Proof pressure* 980kPa
Leak rate* 1X10-8 Pa.m3/s or less
Working temperature range 5 to 45°C(Accuracy guaranteed within 15 to 35°C)
Materials of parts in contact w/gases Body:SUS316
Valve seat:VitonTM(Optional:NeopreneTM or NBR)
Seals:VitonTM(Optional:NeopreneTMor NBR)
Joint* Standard;1/4SWL(3/8SWL)
Electrical connections* Dsub 9-pin male connector per KFC/SEMI stndards
Flow rate input signals 0-5VDC
Flow rate output signals* 0-5VDC
Required power supply* +15VDC(±5%) 100mA-15VDC(±5%)200mA
Items marked with an asterisk(*)indicate common specifications.
Harness Layout
Pin Assignment of Dsub 9-pin Connector per KFC Standard
Pin No. Signal Pin No. Signal
1 Input valve operation 6 Flow input Hi
2 Flow output 0-5V 7 Flow output COM
3 +15 VDC Power source 8 Flow input Lo
4 Power source COM 9 Output valve voltage
5 -15 VDC Power source    
* Because a differential input system is used for the product, pin 4(Power source COM)and pin 7(Flow output COM)are connected inside the mass flow controller while pin 8(Flow input Lo)is isolated. In case of a single-ended connection,connect pin 8 to pin 4.
* Values indicated in () denote the specifications for Model 3665.
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