Fluoroplastic Tube Fittings
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Flare Type Fittings
Reinforced High-Temperature, High-Pressure Fittings
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 Medium Temperature Tube Fittings - Flare Type 60 Series
 (Flare Type)
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Jigs & Tools (Accessories)
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  • High performance flare type fitting
  • Added holding reliability
  • Minimal dead volume
  • The end edge of body & the nut inside are tapered
  • Excellent liquid displacement characteristics
  • 2 ways to assemble (Hot & COLD flaring)
  • Maximum working temperature of 100C
  • Maximum working pressure: 175 psi (12kg/cm2)
  • Applicable tube sizes : 3mm-25mm 1/8"-1"
Piping of Tube to Male Pipe Thread Piping of Tube to Tube
Male Connector
Male Elbow
Male Branch Tee
Male Run Tee
Union Elbow
Union Tee
Bulkhead Union
Reducing Union
Reducing Union Elbow
Reducing Union Branch Tee
Reducing Union Run Tee
Piping of Tube to Female Pipe Thread
Female Connector
Female Elbow
Piping of Tube to Fitting
Reducing Elbow Adapter
Jigs & Tools

Flaring Tool for 60 series

  • Flare the tubing by using the leverage
  • Available for easy and uniform assembling
  • There are two ways to assemble, Hot flaring & Cold flaring

Tube Cutter

  • Cut fluorocarbon resins tubes at a right angle
  • Applicable tube size is from 3mm-25mm 1" to 1/4"
  • Applicable tube materials are PFA, PTFE and FEP

Aluminum Handy Wrench

  • Suitable for narrow space
  • Compact size & light weight
  • Easy to grasp & easy to tighten
  • Adjustable wrench 15 type
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