Applications: Compact Liquid Leak Sensor
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 Leak Sensor Applications
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Below are some of the sample applications for leak detector. However, our compact leak sensor may be used in all environment where liquid is concerned. It effectively detects leakage of all types of fluids and is extremely compact, unobtrusive, and reliable.
Conversion table for vacuum
Coolant Tank Application To detect water contamination in the coolant tank in the chiller device (To detect leakage from heat exchange).
Reason for detection To prevent changing of properties of or causing deteriration of the coolant.
To prevent corrosion of the tank pipes.
Advantages Sometimes the contaminant is pure water, so it is necessary to be able to consistently detect liquid with a higher resistance. It is also space-saving and mounts easily.
Metal Plate Cleaning Device Application To detect the pure water level in the cleaning tank during the plating tank cleaning.
Reason for detection To prevent product defects caused by too much or too little cleaning fluid resulting in inadequate cleaning and to prevent damage or short-circuiting of the cleaning device.
Advantages To consistently detect the pure water used for cleaning.
Beverage Production Equipment Application To detect leakage and spillage in and outside devices that fill soda and alcohol containers.
Reason for detection To prevent damage and short-circuiting of equipment and to prevent product defects.
Advantages space saving for easy mounting. Works well as part of the beverage leakage prevention.
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Conversion table for vacuum
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