Bemliese™ Basics

Produced entirely from fine linter, the short fiber of the cotton boll that develops between its seeds and long, fibers, comprises about 10% of its weight, and would otherwise go unused.

The Starting Point - Cotton Linter

Smooth, soft, gentle touch of luxury, especially recommended for fine, sensitive skin. Multifunctional, spreads to cloth form for clean,

efficient make-up removal, folds for easy pat-on cologne application.

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Unrivaled Production Technology

Produced by the world's only process technology for mutually adhering continuous cellulosic filaments - key to the Bemliese™ binder-free 100% cellulose nonwoven fabrics. Production facility certified under ISO 9001.

The Bemliese™ Production Process

1. Linter Refining

Multistage refining and purification of the cotton linter by steaming and filtration.

2. Linter Dissolution

Highly purified linter dissolved in a fine, pure, specially formulated spinning solution.

3. Filament Spiinning

Extrusion of the spinning solution from multi-orifice dies, to obtain multiple continuous filaments

4. Nonwoven Sheet Formation

Layering of the mutually self-bonding continuous filaments onto a mesh conveyor, to obtain nonwoven sheet.

5. Rinsing, Drying, Roll Winding

Mesh conveyor transport of the nonwoven sheet through water rinse and thermal drying, followed by take-up and roll winding.

The result is the fine, pure Bemliese™ nonwoven fabric, produced and processed in a clean plant environment, with a broad range of fabric patterns for optimal performance in specific fields of application.

Typical Bemliese™ Patterns

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