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1. Microstructure - Inherent Bemliese™ Quality

The gentle Bemliese™ quality is inherent in its smooth rounded filaments, finely ordered microstructure, and additive-free composition

2. Low Surface Abrasion

The gentle touch of Bemliese™ on skin and other surfaces as indicated by these simulated-skin surfaces after wiping with Bemliese™ and other fabrics.

After rubbing with indicated fabric




3. Low Cumulative Surface Abrasion in Repeated Wiping

Bemliese™ abrasion of the simulated skin surface is minimal even after repeated wiping, in contrast to the cumulative abrasion caused by other fabrics

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Bemcot, made of Bemliese™ is soft, smooth, and gentle in contact with the skin and other surfaces, making it the material of choice for applications ranging from medical gauzes and cosmetics pads to face masks and wipers for electronics and semiconductors production.

Rayon nonwoven

(Short-fiber, with additives)

Rayon/polyester nonwoven

(Short-fiber, with additives)

Pulp/polyester nonwoven

(Short-fiber, without additives)

Rounded continuous filaments, additive-free composition


Before rubbing