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Bemcot wipers are the number one cleanroom wiper in Japan - used by the top manufacturers for electronics screen mask print cleaning, wafer and semiconductor processing, and other critical cleanroom applications where solvents are used in the cleaning process.  Key industries where screen mask printing is used: Printed Circuit Boards, LCD Panels, Solar Panels, Touch Panels, Capacitors, etc.

Key Benefits for Cleanrooms

  1. 1.HIGH ABSORPTION for removing paste and particles.

  2. 2.LINT FREE: Ultra-low fiber release for maintaining clean surface areas

  3. 3.MESH PATTERN:  The mesh pattern of Bemcot wipers allows for good paste removal

  4. 4.ANTI-STATIC:  Ensures cleaning without any discharge

  5. 5.HIGH PURITY:  Against any contamination

  6. 6.HEAT RESISTANCE:  Compared to polyester it maintains its structure

  7. 7.GREEN: Biodegradable and eco-efficient - 100% natural cotton linter

Typical Usage for Cleanrooms:

  1. 1.MASK CLEANING:  Removing excess paste during the screen mask printing process

  2. 2.SURFACE CLEANING:  Removing excess solvents for wafers and other critical components

Recommended Products for Cleanrooms:

Cleanroom Wipers: M1, M3, S2, E8, AZ8, TR7F, SuperCN, PS2