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What are benefits of Bemcot wipers vs. other cotton or synthetic materials?

Bemcot wipers use the finest part of the cotton to produce one of the most unique materials on the market today for the highest standards in cleanrooms to industrial applications.

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What guidelines and standards are used in processing Bemcot wipers?

Produced by the world's only process technology for mutually adhering continuous cellulosic filaments - key to the Bemliese™ binder-free 100% cellulose nonwoven fabrics. Production facility certified under ISO 9001, for more details click here.

What are the abrasive qualities of Bemcot wipers?

Bemcot, made of Bemliese™ is soft, smooth, and gentle in contact with the skin and other surfaces, making it the material of choice for applications ranging from medical gauzes and cosmetics pads to face masks and wipers for electronics and semiconductors production.  For specific accessories, click here.

How fast can I receive my order?

We normally take 5-7 business days to ship your order once we receive final approval.  However, we can also expedite critical orders.

How can I get these products anywhere in the world?

We can ship and fulfill to anywhere in the world, except for Japan where our manufacturer has established key distribution partners in country.

Who is Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation?

Asahi Kasei is one of the largest manufacturers in the world focusing on cotton materials for cleanroom, laboratory, industrial and other key markets.  To find out more, click here.