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The general-purpose fine-grade wipers, widely used in cleanrooms and many other working environments.


The soft-touch wiper for delicate equipment and components.


Specially folded wiper, for lower lint and particle release.


Specially folded wiper, for further reduction of lint and particle release. Soft, smooth surface contact, for uniform moisture absorption. Widely used for wiping LCDs and flat-panel displays.

Specially cut wiper for extremely low lint and particle release, made from soft-touch component material, for use in a broad range of applications.

High-strength Bemliese-PET composite wiper with all surfaces in-folded, for minimum lint and particle release.


Paper-like wiper, specially processed for lowest possible lint and particle release. Packed in clean-paper box.


Cleanroom Wipers:  Fine-grade wipers (ISO Class 4-5/Fed Class 10-100) and Regular-grade wipers (ISO Class 5-6/Fed Class 100-1,000):   For cleanrooms and other working environments that demand the lowest level of lint, particle, and impurity release, together with high-performance wiping efficiency and ease of use