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About NetMotion

Founded in 1996, NetMotion has been supplying companies key components for their design, manufacturing, and operations businesses.  We are authorized suppliers for Applied Materials, Intel, Seagate and many other top tier manufacturers.  Our dedicated staff will work with you to select the best solution for your needs.  Moreover, we have established exclusive partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in Japan to address your unique challenges and opportunities.  To see all products from NetMotion, please click here.

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Bemcot™ Wipers - The #1 Cleanroom Wiper in Japan

Manufactured by Asahi Kasei and Ozu Corporation in Japan, Bemcot Wipers are made from Bemliese™ - 100% continuous non-woven, non-binding fabric derived from pure cotton linter resulting in ultra-low particle generation.  To learn more about Asahi Kasei and Ozu Corporation, please click here.