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Bemcot wipers are used by the top automotive manufacturers in Japan for surface preparation prior to painting and assembly.  Moreover, the high cost of polyester knit wipes require multiple uses and multiple washing cycles -- leading to additional costs, overhead and a breakdown of the wipes with excess lint.

The solution:  Bemcot Wipers

Key Benefits for Automotive

  1. 1.HIGH ABSORPTION for removing sealant and particles.

  2. 2.LINT FREE: Ultra-low fiber release for maintaining clean surface areas

  3. 3.EXCEPTIONAL PRICE PERFORMANCE:  1/2 to 1/3 the price of polyester knit wipes

  4. 4.GREEN: Biodegradable and eco-efficient - 100% natural cotton linter

Typical Usage for Automotive:  Surface Preparation

  1. 1.SEALANT REMOVAL:  Removing excess sealant prior to painting

  2. 2.GLUE REMOVAL:  Removing excess glue during windshield, sunroof or other glass installations

  3. 3.GLASS CLEANING:  Cleaning of headlights, sunroof or other glass parts

Recommended Products for Automotive:

Cleanroom Wipers: M1, M3, A21

Specialty Wipers: Rolls


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